Offices are one of the safest yet commercially attractive properties to invest in. Our clients get the most out of their investments. Rodschinson’s global team of office property experts understand as like no other that the world is changing rapidly: offices are increasingly smart, advanced, environmentally- friendly and service-focused, and the property market recognizes that trend. Office buildings have to adapt more and more to a changing workforce.

We Are Simplifying This Complex Sector And Delivering Tangible Results For Our Clients

Get Involved In The Office Assets Opportunity

The office asset class includes a wide range of different properties, from single-tenant buildings to multi-tenant campuses. Our team usually negotiates lease agreements for a long-term period, and often these deals include an option to acquire the property in question. The total rent is often locked at an initial negotiated rate for a closed period and often excludes volatile market changes. Therefore, many investors are keen to get involved in what we call the office opportunity.


We Always Strive For A Risk Responsible Approach

Investments in commercial real estate may present a risk and offices are no exception. For example, an economic crisis or the bankruptcy of a business may lead to the evaporation of rental income in an office building. To avoid such a commercial calamite, our office property experts always push for a sensible, risk-responsible approach: one that generates sufficient stable income yet minimizes unnecessary risks, such as renting our giant office blocks to a single tenant, so the risk is divided over multiple players.

Be Ahead Of The Curve With Access To The World

As the office asset class is currently going through a rapid period of transition and innovation, investors have more choice than ever as new sub-asset classes have emerged, such as co-working spaces, smart office blocks and multi-purpose properties. Rodschinson’s office real estate team would be delighted to tell you more about the commercial investment opportunities that are available in dozens of markets around the world.


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